Today I give you some tips

Today I give you some tips for ultimate Team in FIFA 16. One of the most played modes in FIFA 16 is the Ultimate Team. If not you have proven highly recommend it: it is addictive, well thought out and possibly be where you end up spending more hours. Let's take a brief look at the basics of this mode so that all know what's going on:- The Ultimate Team goal is to Fifa 16 Coins  build you as a team with players you love. You earn virtual money with every game, and if you win a trophy or even more-season and you can invest in signing new players.- Although based on a set of cards, the basis of Ultimate Team games that you play, as in any other mode of FIFA.

Therefore there is a board game: the cards are just a tool for you to have clear what players have and its value.- No need to spend real money. There are two types of currencies: the ones you get when you win every game and that is that you will buy coins with other players (which are free) and payment currencies, which only serve to buy envelopes. The envelopes, depending on whether they are gold, silver or bronze, you can touch players or items that will end up compensating... but it is a lottery. Also you can play a few packages and nothing happened here, you have to conform.-When you are doing your alignment you have to consider some factors that affect the performance of your players. We are talking about those green lines, orange and red that connect everyone in the lineup.

If you are green, you will understand better, be kinder, will not lose their position, ask for more pass... There are several factors that influence it. You have to look at it: the players are in the lineup that have active (if you have a 4-4-2 players have to be 4-4-2), who come from different countries, who play in the same league and are in the proper position. A team made ??Of players from the same league and nationality will outperform other players have several leagues: there are you who decide what importance you give to the subject. Oh, and the coach who is also your formation.Here you have a good guide for beginners I found on the net: Aaron Hernandez who is  Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins  Football Player Been Charged with Murder  FIFA  The movements of the ball and players.