Studies of terrestrial birds of prey from Europe China

Meanwhile, the median concentration of ∑PBDEs in peregrine falcons in our study was 8.56 μg/g lipid weight, surpassing concentrations in peregrine eggs from California with a median ∑PBDEs of 4.53 μg/g lipid ( Park et al., 2009) and from the northeastern USA with 7.66 μg/g lipid weight ( Chen et al., 2007). Likewise, seabird species foraging near our urban site had higher levels of ∑PBDEs than those foraging near Asia, whereas those species foraging near our urban site had lower levels of novel, ‘emerging’ brominated flame retardants (HBCDs) than those foraging near Asia ( Miller et al., 2014 and Miller et al., 2015).