Spatial and temporal distributions of BC concentrations in peak

2.3. Data analysis
After each sampling session, real-time measurements were immediately downloaded, inspected and archived. The raw data were first optimized with ONA and then corrected with Eq. (1). The optimized average BC data were compared with EC data to test the agreement between TOR analysis and aethalometer measurements of BC. The effect of correction BMS-538203 evaluated and is shown in Fig. 2. As shown in Fig. 2a, the negative values can be eliminated very effectively by the ONA method. The slopes of 0.89 (0.63) were observed between the ONA & K–N corrected (ONA optimized) BC and EC. The corrected BC was more comparable to EC, and thus we chose the corrected BC data for analysis in asexual reproduction paper.
Fig. 2. The effect of correction. Panel a is the comparison between ONA optimized BC and aethalometer reported BC. Panel b is a linear regression analysis between the ONA optimized (and ONA & K–N corrected) BC (12-h averages) and 12-h filter-based EC was made to evaluate the effect of correction.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide