Complete BCQs of FCPS Part 1 Medicine, Surgery and Gynae & Obs from 2003 to 2013

Surgery Nov 7, 2013

1. A Female during delivery loses blood and requires blood. Her blood sample is reactive blood agglutinates with anti-sera B and anti-sera D. which blood is suitable for transfusion.

A. A+

B. B RH Positive

C. O +

D. AB +

E. .

2. arches over left lung root.

A. Thoracic duct

B. Arch of aorta

C. Azygos vein

D. .

E. .

3. Patient IVC is blocked just above the emergence of azygos vein, where blood will divert.

A. Right gastric artery

B. Hepatic vein??

C. Hepatic artery

D. Umbilical artery

E. Splenic artery

F. abdominal veins

4. Internal Jug