The approximated straight lines of scenarios s

Fig. 3. Hazard distribution of HIadd and HIint-scenarios 1, 2s and 2a (error bars represent the variability due to applied interaction magnitudes M1 and M2).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Between the absolute values of HIadd and HIint,n (n = 1,2s,2a), a quasi-linear relationship was observed (see Fig. 4). Scenario 1 (HIint,1) which AH 7614 based on literature data was plotted against HIadd and results in a hazard increase of 50% (R2 = 0.9967) and 198% (R2 = 0.9886), respectively, depending on whether M1 or M2 is applied (see dots and triangles in Fig. 4). The unevenly changing amounts of antibiotics (see Fig. 2) do not essentially lead to a pronounced scatter in linearity. Hence, a linear approximation passing through the origin of the diagram seems feasible. The use of linear factors is practical to describe the order of magnitude HIint differs from HIadd and will be applied for the evaluation of scenarios 2a and 2s.