Table nbsp Two way analysis of variance for FB concentration

3.2. Cereal samples
Concentrations of fumonisins (FBs) in Dehydroepiandrosterone cereals (wheat: areas I–III; maize: area IV) collected during the harvest time were highly varied (Table 4). Definitely the highest mean concentration of FB1 (543.6 ng g− 1) was recorded in maize samples collected from agricultural area IV (Table 4), with the highest value for FB1 — 1055.8 ng g− 1 and total fumonisins (FB1–FB3) — 607.6 ng g− 1. The lowest sum of FBs concentration (89.3 ng g− 1) was observed in agricultural area II, with the lowest recorded level of 43.3 ng g− 1 (for FB1). The sums of fumonisin concentration in the other agricultural areas (I and III) were similar, 111.2 and 115.6 ng g− 1, respectively.
Table 4.
Results of analysis of variance indicated tendons the effects of location were significant for FB1, FB2 and FB3 concentrations in cereals (Table 4). Mean values and standard deviations for FB1, FB2 and FB3 concentrations in cereals are presented in Table 5. We observed significant (P < 0.001) correlations between concentrations of FB1 and FB2 (r = 0.8272), FB1 and FB3 (r = 0.7668), as well as FB2 and FB3 (r = 0.8477).