Daily loads mg xA d minus xA

Daily loads (mg d− 1 (1000 people)− 1) for amphetamine (AMP), methamphetamine (MA), 3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA), and codeine (COD) in wastewater samples from 15 wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), and TCID estimated MA consumption rates (mg d− 1 (1000 people)− 1) in the five South Korean cities served by the WWTPs.CityWWTPPopulationDaily loadsmg d− 1 (1000 people)− 1RatioDaily drug consumption ratemg d− 1 (1000 people)− 1AMPMAMDACODMA/AMPMAdCODeBusanB-1133,336a0.725.18N.D.2.597.212.04.06B-2215,496a0.865.65N.D.3.156.613.14.94B-31,157,325a< 0.722.85N.D.1.247.9c6.641.94B-4862,424a1.288.25N.D.2.026.519.23.17B-558,000b1.6911.0N.D.7.316.525.511.5B-6139,765a< 0.983.24N.D.1.146.6c7.521.79B-7177,596a< 1.549.26N.D.7.9812c21.512.5B-8925,231a2.7211.4N.D.2.554.226.44.00B-918,700b< 1.12< 1.12N.D.1.60n.a< 2.602.52B-1078,444aN.D.9.50N.D.< 2.42n.a22.1< 1.89UlsanU-1547,379a7.182.09N.D.,237a< 5.0915.1N.D.7.645.9c35.212.0KimhaeK-1323,000b2.0414.8N.D.3.507.234.45.49ChangwonK-2900,000b0.925.56N.D.2.836.012.94.44MilyangK-358,424a5.9629.25.558.614.967.913.5N.D.: below the limit of detection; n.a: not available.aPopulation served by the WWTP.bPopulation the WWTP was designed to serve.cThe MA/AM ratio was calculated using the LOQ value for AMP.dThe excretion rate of MA was assumed as 43% when calculating the consumption rate of MA (Baselt and cravey, 2011).eThe excretion rate of COD was assumed as 63.8% when calculating the consumption rate of COD (Baker et al., 2014).Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV