The isothermal section is mainly characterized by tie lines between

The isothermal section Torin 2 mainly characterized by tie-lines between binary phases. The following binary phases were found stable at 900 °C: Ti6Sn5, Ti5Sn3, Ti2Sn, Ti3Sn, Ti5Si3, Ti5Si4, TiSi and TiSi2. Except for Ti5Sn3, Ti2Sn, Ti3Sn and Ti5Si3, negligible solubility of the third component in the binary phases can be deduced from our measurements. The solubility of Si in Ti5Sn3, Ti2Sn and Ti3Sn at 900 °C reaches 12.4 at.%, 3.7 at.% and 5.1 at.% respectively. The solubility of Sn in Ti5Si3 is 3.6 at.%. The lattice parameter of the Ti5Sn3 phase, refined over from XRD patterns from alloys A1, A7 and A8 consisting of the Ti5Sn3 phase, converges to a = 8.036 Å, c = 5.454 Å. The value of a is less than the value a = 8.049 Å, that we refined for the pure binary compound (Ti5Sn3). This difference between lattice parameters results from the substitution of ternary element Si in Ti5Sn3 and from the radii difference between Ti, Sn and Si (rTi = 1.467 Å, rSn = 1.542 Å and rsi = 1.316 Å [34]).