The Prevail LTE is compact, as far as modern handsets go

The Prevail LTE is compact, as far as modern handsets go. The 4.5-inch screen allowed Samsung to keep the dimensions in check. It’s easy to hold, meizu m2 easy to use, and goes anywhere without trouble. I found it fit in pockets easily. The weight is nicely balanced; it isn't too heavy, nor is it too light. As far as the materials go, well... they could be a lot better. The Prevail LTE tip-toes on the razor's edge separating "cheap" from "economical." The Prevail LTE doesn't come across as flimsy, like some Samsung handsets do. The materials are acceptable, but clearly not top-notch. Granted, Samsung can only do so much and keep the Prevail LTE at an affordable price point. The phone is assembled tightly.

Samsung used its tried-and-true blueprint in giving the Prevail LTE its front face. The speaker grille, sensors, and user-facing camera are clearly visible above the display, which consumes the lion's share of the front surface. There's an acceptable amount of bezel surround the screen. The raised home button is oval in shape. It's easy to find and feels great. It’s flanked by capacitive keys: multitasking on the left and back on the right. All three controls function perfectly for interacting with the user interface. The chrome band that forms the entire outer edge of the phone isn't actually chrome; it's plastic, and forms a ridge around the front to protect the screen from damage.

Buttons placement is fairly standard. The volume toggle, which is about an inch long, is positioned on the left edge. Travel and feedback is decent, though I wish there were a nub or some other marker at the ends of the toggle to make them easier to locate. The screen lock button is positioned on the right edge. I had no trouble finding and using it. Travel and feedback are about perfect. The stereo headphone jack is on top and the micro USB port is on the bottom.

As with most Samsung devices, the Prevail LTE's rear cover can be removed quite easily. It's a bit of a chore to put back on thanks to hard-to-close clasps. With the cover removed, you have access to the battery and combo SIM card / memory card slots. The memory card can be swapped without pulling the battery, but the SIM card cannot. Many count removable batteries as a selling point.

The Galaxy Prevail LTE isn't going to set your heart aflutter, but it looks good enough and functions well enough to call it a decent piece of hardware.