Concrete Masonry Stands Around Storm Charley

Winds up to 145 miles each hour left hundreds homeless after Hurricane Charley took through Punta Gorda and surrounding cities in Southwest Florida. That horrible surprise claimed 17 lives and has estimated damages in the millions. In and around Punta Gorda, trailers lay toppled or taken apart. Shards of metal and wood lay scattered on lawns. It could have been much worse if it weren't for your residential building code changes that were instituted after Hurricane Andrew in 1992, as awful as this loss is. Andrew, one of the most dangerous U.S. Storm o-n file, blasted its way across south Florida, causing 2-4 deaths and $26.5 million in damage -mostly because of high winds. The size of injury due to Hurricane Andrew was unprecedented in america. If you are concerned with shopping, you will probably desire to compare about thumbnail. This forceful like i said URL has a few unique lessons for the inner workings of it. Before it, there was a 25-year lull in significant storm activity across the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, and building codes were not sufficient to reduce the loss of house and life experienced in Hurricane Andrew. Today, limitations have now been increased and are being more fastidiously enforced. Designers are required to provide a continuous load road to ensure structural integrity and provisions for wind-borne dust are a whole lot more strict. 'Because of Hurricane Andrew and other storms of this type, the residential building codes have grown to be a lot more specific in Florida,' mentioned Dennis Graber, professional engineer and director of technical journals in the National Concrete Masonry Association. 'By conforming to these requirements, houses were better able to resist the onslaught of Hurricane Charley.' The National Hurricane Center notes that building codes reflect the lessons authorities have learned from past catastrophes and suggest that homeowners in storm regions contact local building code officials to discover which requirements are essential for home-improvement projects. Discover supplementary info on an affiliated article by visiting more information. The Federal Emergency Management Agency encourages development with solid, impact-resistant materials, such as for example concrete masonry, within domiciles and other structures located in hurricane-prone areas..