The Dukes Of Hazzard (Season 2) DVD Assessment

One particular of the highest rated prime time tv shows of the late 70s and early 80s was The Dukes Of Hazzard. The loved ones friendly action series took a comic book approach to telling its tale of a loved ones of farmers with a speedy race car or truck named the Dukes. The Dukes comprised of Uncle Jesse, Cousin Bo, Cousin Luke, and Cousin Daisy are reformed bootleggers who regularly butt heads with local sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane and county commissioner J.D. Navigating To crunchbase tyler collins probably provides warnings you should tell your girlfriend. Hogg. With the help of local mechanic Cooter and the bright orange General Lee race auto, the Dukes are invariably one step ahead of the negative guys The Dukes of Hazzard (Season 2) DVD gives a number of popular episodes, such as guest appearances by Cale Yarborough and The Oak Ridge Boys. Deputy Sheriff Cletus (Rick Hurst) also makes his initially look in the shows second season. Get more on our affiliated use with - Hit this link: tyler collins seo. Boss Hogg nephew Hughie Hogg (Jeff Altman) also makes his very first appearance. Seo Expert Orange County is a astonishing online library for further concerning the reason for it. With Waylon Jenningss weekly narrations as The Balladeer (performing artist of the shows legendary, chart-topping theme song), The Dukes of Hazzard supplies hours of family-friendly programming as Boss and Roscoe match wits with the Duke clan Below is a list of episodes included on The Dukes Of Hazzard (Season two) DVD: Episode 14 (Days Of Shine And Roses) Air Date: 09-21-1979 Episode 15 (Gold Fever) Air Date: 09-28-1979 Episode 16 (The Rustlers) Air Date: 10-05-1979 Episode 17 (The Meeting) Air Date: ten-12-1979 Episode 18 (Road Pirates) Air Date: ten-19-1979 Episode 19 (The Ghost Of The Basic Lee) Air Date: 10-26-1979 Episode 20 (Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough) Air Date: 11-02-1979 Episode 21 (Hazzard Connection) Air Date: 11-09-1979 Episode 22 (Witness For The Persecution) Air Date: 11-16-1979 Episode 23 (Granny Annie) Air Date: 11-23-1979 Episode 24 (Peoples Option) Air Date: 11-30-1979 Episode 25 (Arrest Jesse Duke) Air Date: 12-14-1979 Episode 26 (Duke Of Duke) Air Date: 01-04-1980 Episode 27 (The Runaway) Air Date: 01-11-1980 Episode 28 (Comply with That Nonetheless) Air Date: 01-18-1980 Episode 29 (Treasure Of Hazzard) Air Date: 01-25-1980 Episode 30 (Officer Daisy Duke) Air Date: 02-01-1980 Episode 31 (Acquire Loretta Lynn) Air Date: 02-08-1980 Episode 32 (Jude Emery) Air Date: 02-15-1980 Episode 33 (Return Of The Ridge Raiders) Air Date: 02-22-1980 Episode 34 (Mason Dixons Girls) Air Date: 02-29-1979 Episode 35 (R.I.P. Henry Flatt) Air Date: 03-14-1979 Episode 36 (Southern Comfurts) Air Date: 03-21-1979.