What Can People Expect When They Have Lasik Surgery

When someone decides they want to have Lasik Surgery in Singapore, it is normally because they are tired of having to wear glasses and contacts and want to be able to see clearly. Though this procedure is an invasive surgical treatment, it is generally safe for most people. Lasik allows many people to say goodbye to wearing glasses so they can feel more confident in their appearance. Through Lasik Surgery by vision correction surgery Singapore, a person can have improved vision without needing any vision correction.

This surgery is one that is carried out in the doctors office and typically only takes about fifteen minutes or less per eye. Before the surgery begins, the doctor will put numbing drops in the patients eyes so they do not feel any pain or discomfort. The drops will be left in place about fifteen minutes before the procedure is carried out so the eyes will be numb before any work is carried out.

Once the drops have numbed the eyes, the doctor will create an incision in the lens with the laser. This incision allows the doctor to create a lens flap so there is access to the cornea. The doctor must have access to the cornea so it can be properly shaped with the laser, depending on whether the patient suffers from farsightedness or nearsightedness. The laser can be used to gently shape the cornea so the way light shines to the retina can be improved.

When the doctor has finished shaping the cornea, the lens flap is put back in place. A human eyes lens has the amazing ability to seal and heal itself so there is no need for the doctor to put any stitches in place.

Lasik surgery allows a person to immediately be able to see better though they may experience some mild degree of blurriness at first. The patient will be instructed to wear special protective eye gear for the first twenty-four hours and will then be seen by their eye doctor the following day to make sure their eyes are properly healing. The surgery rarely causes any major pain, but may cause the eyes to be slightly sore for a couple of days.

With Lasik surgery, a person can finally say goodbye to their glasses and contacts so they can be free to see clearly. Those who are interested in Lasik should visit WEyeClinic.sg. Through W Eye Clinic, you can have better vision than ever before.