Weekend Discounts, Flat 10% on Grocery & 20% on Fruits and Vegetables, Order online @ Spice n Pulses

Weekend Discounts, Flat 10% on Grocery & 20% on Fruits and Vegetables, Order online @ Spice n Pulses

The online shopping has its own advantages that can be counted on as utmost convenience in placing whatever the things you need, at whatever the time you want, and from whatever the place you are at, along with, running discounts there are additional benefits to save you much on your net purchase. The same is very true for shopping at online grocery store in Gurgaon named as Spice n Pulses.

Here, again, weekends have arrived and you will be waiting for Spice n Pulses to reveal its discounts on grocery shopping at its online grocery store Gurgaon. So, this good news is for you that the online store Gurgaon is offering 10% flat discount on grocery shopping and just double, say, 20% flat discount on fruit and vegetable, just like last weekend. Not to mention that the discount is for 2 weekend days, say Saturday and Sunday, so you can enjoy shopping for your daily household needs from the comfort of your home and by saving much.

For your convenience, the coupon code that you can apply at this weekend shopping for 19-20 September is SNP1020. So whatever you need now for a happy and comfortable grocery and other household shopping that is even super saver now at all weekdays and some more at weekends, visit Spice n Pulses. Don’t wait and act smart to shop smart at Spice n Pulses – an online grocery store in Gurgaon that is a one stop online grocery Gurgaon to fulfill all your household daily needs at a single click and at your comfort. Just make the most of it.

This is not like you again have to visit at some local grocery store to repeatedly ask the vendor to fix the rate so that you can save some on the daily need household products even of much lesser quality. You have a clear thought now whichever is the best choice to go with – effortless and super saver quality grocery shopping online at Spice n Pulses or effortful (but wasted) local store grocery shopping for quality-less daily need household products. Put your mind in and make a right decision – the one that not only save you time but also money and efforts as well.

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The author works for Spice n Pulses – an online grocery store in Gurgaon. He is related with the store for 5 years and promotes its products by his content.