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- The Supreme Court of Alabama on Friday

overturned a lower court ruling that had recognized the 2007

adoption of three children in Georgia by one partner in a

lesbian couple that has since split up.

18 Sep 2015

NEW YORK - Montauk Credit Union, a large provider

of loans to taxi medallion owners, was seized on Friday by New

York State's top financial regulator.

18 Sep 2015

- A Oral Care Plan - Some Tips Boston-area amateur golfer was sentenced on

Friday to 1-1/2 years in prison for engaging in an insider

trading scheme involving tips to his golfing and other friends

about the business activities of American Superconductor Corp


18 Sep 2015

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - A deputy for the Kentucky county

clerk who was jailed after refusing to issue marriage licenses

to gay couples questioned on Friday the validity of the licenses

he has issued since his boss' return.

18 Sep 2015

CHICAGO - Caught in a political stalemate that has

forced it to operate for nearly three months without a budget,

Illinois' spending decisions are increasingly being made by

courts and at a rate that is further deepening the state's

fiscal woes.

18 Sep 2015

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Lawyers for two Jewish

congregations feuding over the ownership of the United States'

oldest synagogue made their closing arguments on Friday, leaving

the question of who owns the temple in the hands of a federal

judge in Providence, Rhode Island.

18 Sep 2015

NEW YORK - A 64-year-old former investment manager

was sentenced in New York federal court on Friday to serve six

years in prison and pay restitution to his victims for running

an $18 million Ponzi scheme, prosecutors said.

18 Sep 2015

WASHINGTON - U.S. House Republicans voted to deny

funds to women's healthcare provider Planned Parenthood for a

year on Friday but the action did little to quell party desires

to use a spending bill as leverage in their fight to punish the

group in an abortion controversy.

18 Sep 2015

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration announced

wide-ranging new rules on Friday to ease trade, travel and

investment restrictions with Cuba, the latest effort to chip

away at the long-standing U.S. economic embargo amid a

diplomatic thaw between the two former Cold War foes.

18 Sep 2015


faces penalties up to $18 billion after being accused of

designing software for diesel cars that deceives regulators

measuring toxic emissions, the U.S. Environmental Protection

Agency said on Friday.

18 Sep 2015