Did You Give to a Crowdfunding Campaign? Tell '20/20'

ABC News "20/20" is doing a report on internet crowdfunding. Do you go onto sites like GoFundMe and Indiegogo to give money? What is the most outrageous/craziest crowdfunding campaign you have donated money to?

Fill out the form below and tell us what campaigns you have given to and why. Crowdfunding is becoming the greatest way to build up a capital rapidly for a firm. But it has to be done meticulously. A lot of campaigns don't reach their financing targets. A good help might be needed if you want to make a successful campaign. The most crucial factors to deal with are reaching a crowd, producing an awesome advertising video clip and identifying the ideal goods. Crowdfunding is a common market at the moment with lots of business opportunities. Lots of Internet Marketing professionals will enjoy crowdfunding.After you have sent in your submission, a "20/20" producer may be in touch with you.