Top Reviews of The Line of Dyson Vacuums

We admit that sometimes shopping for almost anything can be a chore and challenge. If you want to purchase a Dyson vacuum, or a vacuum cleaner in general, then you have plenty of things to sort through. Plenty of things have been improved due to technology. Quite naturally, there are new models that compete with older items. Dyson vacuums have a solid reputation for having a tough design, advanced technology and a very intelligent way of thinking, which is a big attribute of their vacuum line. If you have problems that are related to the quality of air and are sensitive, then you may want to see what they can provide. We will provide some timely reviews on Dyson's diverse line of vacuums. We are going to look at the Dyson DC25 animal ball technology upright vacuum cleaner. We talked about it before, but the ball technology is referencing the ball design. This design is actually a ball shaped structure that gives the unit a higher degree of mobility. It is easier to operate and requires less back and forth motion. The air that is removed from the vacuum cleaner is filtered by the lifetime HEPA. There are not any bags. The collection bin is not messy because you can empty the dirt very quickly with the push of a button. Everything that goes in to Dyson design takes into account the person who suffers from mold and dust allergies. You will realize that the Dyson DC28 is highly superior for handling pet dander and pet hair. The DC28 is wonderful for cleaning in areas that are hard to reach because of the mini turbine head design. The ergonomic factor with this unit stems from the very easy to use, finger tip controls available. This unit also has automatic controls that adjust the brush bar in accordance to the carpet piles. This same feature will also switch-off the brush bar depending on floor surface, as well. The DC28 comes with a telescopic wand that will extend up to 16 feet, and the power cord is a whopping 35 feet long.
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The Dyson DC14 has a wand that can expand and reach seventeen feet. The wand can be extended with the push of a button. The DC14 uses an improved design of a mini turbine head for getting the type of suction power that can rid your home of pet hair and dander. The vacuums come with a low floor tool that gives you the ability to reach under your bed and furniture to clean. This is a perfect location for dust and debris to build up. The air low nozzle design is special because it forces air onto the carpet so that it can break up dirt and make it easier to pick it up. We hope that our Dyson vacuum reviews were useful for you even though they were brief. You can learn about specific models and then check to see if they provide what you need. We would also even suggest you consider the Dyson line of vacuums even if you have no problems with allergies, asthma or other related issues. Simply put, these vacuums were engineered for people who suffer from allergies, so you know that they will do a fantastic job of cleaning.