Hedstrom Fitness launches new SURGE water-filled functional training device

Hedstrom Fitness, maker of BOSU, recently launched its new SURGE which is a hand-held, water-filled exercise tube training device. It helps users with active lives perform stronger and better in the real world.

The water-filled product produces dynamic-fluid resistance for unbalanced, unstable conditions that cause the body to constantly adapt to resist and control the unpredictable shifting water. This resistance uniquely challenges the joints and stabilizing structures. Hedstrom calls this "training for the speed of life" as the user's movements ultimately result in building an athletic core capable of anything life and sport can dish out through intense and dynamic training.

Hedstrom Fitness manufactures, distributes and markets effective functional fitness products for trainers, fitness enthusiasts, youth, active agers, athletes and physical therapists. Its most acclaimed product, the BOSU, started the functional integrated training revolution by helping people get in shape, age better and maintain mobility while also improving their vitality by training muscles based on the way they are used in everyday life.

Water-filled devices, heavy ropes, chains and sandbags are all forms of active resistance equipment. When moved, the mass of the device invariably shifts, which is more unstable than a traditional barbell or dumbbell. These shifts cause disruptions in the normal exercise movement path which increases the demands placed on the muscles of the trunk and joint stabilizers as they counteract postural disturbances.

Active resistance training devices may provide enhanced proprioceptive input (which is the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself), improving joint position sense and kinesthetic awareness. This, in turn, may improve core stability and postural control. By enhancing the stability of the core and the specific joints required to stabilize a movement, more efficient movement can be produced from the joints required to be mobile to execute a task. This is because the agonists, antagonists, and stabilizer muscles function in a more organized and synergistic way.

The SURGE water-filled product can vary from 10 pounds to 65 pounds. It is priced at $179.95 and is available at the company's website at www.GetTheSurge.com.