10 Survival Hacks for Apartments Without Air Conditioning | Trulia

When the temperature creeps past 90 degrees on a hot summer day, it's natural to regret the decision to rent a place without air conditioning. Luckily, here are ten ways to stave off the sweltering heat without the sky-high utility bill. (Spoiler alert: no window AC unit required!)


1. Unplug

Appliances that are plugged in radiate heat -- even when they're not in use. So unplug what you can. Now is also the time to embrace your grill; turning on the oven on a 100-degree day is only going to make things hotter. But you knew that.

2. Turn off the lights

Even the most energy-efficient light bulbs give off some heat, so make do with natural light on superhot days. But still swap out incandescent bulbs for CFLs, which will also lower your energy bill.

3. Lie low

Literally. Hot air rises, so putting your mattress on the floor can help you stay cool while you slumber. Or if you're feeling outdoorsy, but like sleeping with a roof over your head, rig up an indoor hammock, which will increase airflow. Bonus: It may even lull you to sleep, which will make you forget how hot you are....

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