TMZ: Justin Bieber lookalike found dead in San Fernando Valley motel

A mother and daughter in the U.K. have spent thousands of dollars to get matching plastic surgery. We love having plastic surgery together. Were best friends; we do everything together, they said.

Georgina Clark, 38, and her daughter, Kayla Morris, 20, have reportedly spent $86,000 on lip injections, Botox, semi-permanent make-up and breast enhancements.

Georgina said her daughter was interested in getting larger breasts when she was just 11 years old and Georgina supported the idea.I was pleased that Kayla wanted surgery and wanted a boob job. Yeah, I was glad, because I wanted her to be like that kind of person, she said in a video.

Kayla said when she was 17, she started stripping to pay for their surgery; then sugar daddies helped pay for it. In the video, they said theyre not done yet. They still want to have a butt transfer and a fat transfer. We are living the dream. We look how we want to look. Were happy.

Both want to look like British model Katie Price.

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