A Guide to Office Cleaning and Organization

If you want to do a bit of Spring cleaning this year, why not clean your office as well as your home? If your office is in your home, then the task will be even easier! Office cleaning can be a long, difficult process, but you will be glad that you took the time to do it once you realize how much more productive you can be with a cleaner office.

It is always a good idea to get everything in order, as organization is just as important as commercial office cleaning. If your desk and cabinets are cluttered, you need to organize everything neatly. Put all of your documents and folders into stacks according to priority. Keep the most important items close to you on your desk. Place the somewhat important items in nearby cabinets or shelves, and throw whatever you don't need away. Don't be a pack rat; if you have no use for a document, throw it away!

After doing a bit of organizing, you can begin office cleaning. Start from the top of your office and slowly work your way down. As you clean top shelves and the ceiling, dust and dirt will fall down, so it makes sense to save the lower portion of your office for cleaning last. Take a broom, reach up, and sweep dust off the ceiling. Make sure you get every inch of the ceiling's surface, including the corners. Also, don't forget to dust off the top of cabinets and shelves.

The next step in office cleaning includes the walls, windows, and doors. Take down every picture and plaque and clean the wall behind them. With glass cleaner, wipe down the pictures and plaques. Move all the furniture out of the way so that you can clean the walls. You may also want to consider retouching the walls with paint if it starts chipping off

Spend some time on the furniture when you are office cleaning. With a hand held vacuum cleaner, clean the backs of the furniture, the cushions, down inside the cushions, etc. For harder surfaces, such as the shelves, cabinets, and desk, carefully wipe down every single inch, both inside and out. If you took some time to organize everything, you can easily place the files and folders where they belong after cleaning the shelves and cabinets

Finally, the last part of office cleaning is the floor. Take care of the trash and clean out the recycling receptacle. You can do this with hot water, baking soda, and a disinfectant. This solution will clean the trashcan out and disinfect it. If you have carpet, then you need to vacuum it thoroughly when office cleaning. You may also want to take a steam cleaner over it. For hard floors, you need to sweep, mop, and scrub to get rid of all the grime, dirt, and dust that have probably accumulated from your cleaning the walls and ceiling.