Next Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz Draws Comparisons to England's Kate Middleton for Fashion Sensibilities and Modest Backgrounds

Princess Letizia Ortiz will soon become the next Queen of Spain as King Juan Carlos announced his abdication after ruling the country for 39 years on Monday (June 2, 2014). He will be succeeded by his son, Letizias 46-year-old husband, Prince Felipe de Borbon.

Letizia was sometimes compared to Kate Middleton for their modest backgrounds. Like the Duchess of Cambridge, the 41-year-old lady wasnt born to nobility. Her father was a journalist while her mother was a nurse and hospital union representative from a working-class background. She grew up in a middle-class family with two younger sisters in Oviedo before moving to Madrid.

The pretty Letizia then obtained a masters in bro