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STATE AND LOCAL States move to ban aborted fetal tissue from medical research

Aggressive state efforts to ban the use of fetal tissue in research are alarming some scientists who say such measures will set back efforts to cure the worlds deadliest...

Astronomy NASA releases dramatic new Pluto images

NASA has released more stunning images from New Horizons historic flyby of Pluto, which show icy mountains, fog, and the dwarf planets landscape dramatically backlit by the...

Regulation Federal land management to blame for out-of-control fires, say critics

With wildfires continuing to plague drought-stricken California and federal funding to fight them dried up like parched El Dorado County farmland, some critics say the real...

Science Here's how much urine astronaut Scott Kelly will drink during his year in space

A trip to space means watching spectacular sunsets and your poop burn up in the atmosphere like shooting stars, according to NASA, which breaks down what Scott Kelly is up to...

Mars European astronaut uses 'the Force' to control rover from space

Demonstrating one small step for rover operations, a European astronaut successfully maneuvered a machine on Earth in precision operations from his perch 248 miles high on the...

Digging History Ancient human-size fish breathed with lungs

Before the dinosaur age, the coelacanth a hefty, mysterious fish that now breathes with its gills sported a well-developed lung, a new study finds

Video Should sex robots be banned?

Four4Four SciTech: Robot sex ban; Facebooks dislike button, medieval tree skeleton, NFL data explosion

Science Planet has lost half of all marine life since 1970

The oceans, with more than 90% of the habitable space on Earth, still contain most of the life on our planet, but there's a lot less of it than there was just 45 years ago,...

Science You can actually hear California's drought

It's easy to look around the West and see startling signs of the region's drought.

Video Private space travel really taking off

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announces new Florida launch site for Blue Origin commercial spacecraft