5 Job Site Boombox Reviews

Secondly, your choice should come down to budget. You can probably find most of the work site radios reviewed here at all your typical hardware stores, but your gonna pay much more than you have too. Buying these things online rather than a big box store is gonna save you money, probably in the neighborhood of 10-30%.

Thirdly, there are tons of features and to choose from - some good, some useless, and Ill go over them - but you wont find them all in a store selection. Online however, you can choose anything you want.

Good job site boom boxes will have just about everything you can think of when it comes to your tunes and tools. They should, of course, have the option of battery operation - so you can have your tunes on any job site, no matter how remote - and those batteries need to be interchangeable with your cordless tools; plus its a real bonus when your boom box is also a charger for your tool batteries. If youve got power for tunes you oughta be able to charge your batteries too.

Further, you can get a stereo that will play your MP3, ipod, iphone, XM satellite and even tune in a radio station or two. They should have a USB port, so you can download your favorite tunes and charge all your devices, and some of the best will even be Bluetooth compatible and have AC power outlets so you can run other tools from them. Also, look for a good construction site radio that is weatherproof and durable cause you need it to perform, rain or shine, indoors and out.

With these features in mind, lets take a look at five of the best job site radios available at the lowest prices anywhere.

Milwaukees tag line is Nothing But Heavy Duty and if you own any of their tools you know they mean it. Their drills, drivers, impact wrenches, and saws always have the most power, torque and speed, and their M18 Work Site Radio is no exception. If you already run Milwaukee tools on your site, this is the one for you, it is the most powerful and has just about every feature available.