Houston Locksmith Cracks Safe Found Hidden In Closet

A Houston locksmith was called to a house in suburban Houston, Texas last week to try to open a hidden safe found in a closet by the new homeowner.

The homeowner said he noticed some poorly fitting boards in a closet in one of the bedrooms and then took a closer look.

He said it looked like a "false bottom" so he grabbed a screwdriver to see if he could pry the board up. The board did indeed lift up off the floor revealing a recessed square area about a foot down. There was a round cover of some type with a hole in it. He lifted the round cover up and was greeted by the sight of a floor safe buried in the floor of the closet.

He tried to open the safe but was unable to do so. That's when he called his local Houston locksmith. The locksmith, from Houston Safe and Lock, was able to open the Sentry Safe Co. dial-type combination lock in about 30-minutes. Unfortunately, there was no buried treasure in the safe. All that was in it was a couple of keys, a dog collar with two dog tags on it and a small wooden box in a plastic bag.

The homeowner said, The sides are taped, and the bottom has a name written on it. I took a small gander and its somebodys ashes. Im not going any further,. When he opened the box, he found that it contained only ashes, not gold and silver.

He posted his story on the website Reddit.com. But Redditors did a bit of sleuthing into these items. One Redditor found that he had one year ago posted a picture of his dog. The connection? The Redditor observed that the collar on the dog and the one in the safe appear to be the same.

He found an open empty safe a few days ago, made a post about finding one. Placed some random crap he thought would hit Redditors the best and then went through with a unveiling. Either he was to dumb to realize he had already posted one of the items and is a fraud or out of pure and utter coincidence he stumbled across a locked safe, then out of more coincidence it contained a dog collar with another coincidence of having the same tags as a dog he adopted, one commenter going by JJRimmer speculated about what could have happened.

His entire story now has some serious problems attached to it but only he will ever know if it's true or not.

Here is the original story with more pictures: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/weird-news/lists/whats-in-the-safe-man-livephotos-cracking-of-mysterious-locked-box-9261389.html

Here is the updated story and pictures revealing the potential hoax: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/04/15/story-about-that-safe-found-under-a-homeowners-floorboard-takes-a-twist/