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3 days ago

Are you looking for a chili that is not only easy to make, but delicious? Then you may want to try this recipe!

13 days ago

At one point or another, we experience "writers block". At other times, we face discouragement. Sometimes, both. As a Writer, do you know how to tell the difference?

36 hours ago

This simple guide will help you grow tomatoes, how to care for them, and what to look for. It is easier than you've imagined!

22 hours ago

Are you feeling up to trying a new type of beef stew, that everyone will love? Look no further! This beef stew will have you coming back for more! (And it can even be substituted!)

25 hours ago

Spring is a perfect time to clean, and to prepare for the seasons to come. If you're looking to get rid of clutter, or questioning, here are a few tips to help you decide to ditch or keep the excess!

25 hours ago

Do you like to travel? Would you like to take a trip back into medieval times, to see what it was like, and to maybe learn something new? Then the "S.C.A." just may be right for you!

6 months ago

March usually is that time of year where corned beef and cabbage is high demand. But whether it be March, or any time of year, and you're looking for a recipe, look no further!

15 hours ago

What is it really like in Buffalo, New York at this time of year? One "Buffalonian" will gladly let you know her inside view.

11 hours ago

Along the way you'll learn a lot, and have spent a lot, be it time or money. And your relationship is perfect. The wedding, such excitement! But there is just one thing we all really forget...

25 hours ago

For some, a movie theater is exciting. What many people don't realize is that we've forgotten about what we cannot get from a movie theater, and the true importance of the little things in life.

14 hours ago

Every person who has eliminated caffeine from their diet has a reason. And some just have a reason, leading to a new discovery for ones own being, and for the better.

25 hours ago

What is a single Mother to do when she faces her parents and their view of how to raise her child? What seemed like a simple problem had turned out to be a life changing journey for this mother...

5 months ago

What exactly can you do with a Chocolate Mint Plant? I've provided some recipes and ideas for you!