Your Social Media Plan – Why it Works and Why it Doesn’t!

Your Social Media Plan – Why it Works and Why it Doesn’t!



Social media marketing is becoming a profitable business idea or venture. I have seen a lot of my buddies and these guys were all SEO and/or online marketers in the past. For years, I’ve seen them study, grow, and nurture marketing principles and when SEO took a big hit due to Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, I believed that these guys would make it through the storm when they started researching, learning and applying social media marketing as a way to boost a client’s website page.

Meanwhile, I was just a young, up and coming online marketer fresh from quitting his day job at 29 years old. I even told myself that it would probably take years for me to get my own clients and then start making real money along with the rest of those guys.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. When these marketing guys started venturing into social media marketing, they had no idea as to what was in store for them. In short, most of these marketing guys failed miserably. When I heard what happened to their social marketing venture, I took the time to do some major research. Of course, I also talked with some of these guys and I listened to the strategies they did. And the more I researched and listened, the more I realized that social media marketing is not a joke.

Most people believe that once you have an amazing Facebook and Twitter page and a few content and tweets here and there, people will be swarming these pages with likes and re-tweets and you’ll instantly have a lot of potential customers for your business here and there. Unfortunately, social media doesn’t work that way. It acts like an advertisement poster, but this poster is online. You need to make sure that it looks amazing and attractive from a prospective client’s viewpoint. And if you don’t do your homework, then you’re going to have a bad day as a social media marketer, buddy!

Remember that every piece of your social media strategy acts as the goals that you want to set. You can’t move forward without knowing what you really want. Therefore, check what your company’s overall needs are. In short, only do what is needed by your company, not the wants. When you’ve realized what your company needs, then determine how you can use social media in order to attain what your company needs.

Make sure that the needs of your company are realistic and not very difficult to achieve. You can slowly start from there until you start working on your very own social media marketing strategy!