Not Black, Just Inky Colors

Not Black, Just Inky Colors

If you want a moody space with character but you don’t want it too black, there are several alternatives that you can use such as navy, chocolate or charcoal and many more.

Here are some of the inky colors and the good combination that go well with them. Black can show some attitude, but these inky colors suggested below are softer than black. They also create many effects that can really fit your mood. Read on.


This Color can give your space some nautical twist. If you partner it with white, the white will look even more fresh and bright. With such a combination, you may not need other colors. This combination can be both for men and women. Therefore, if you have guestrooms, you might want to consider it.

Even if you want your room painted with navy, do not be afraid as it will not look as dark as black. Instead, the look is more of a sophisticated studio rather than a dark and depressing mood when you use black.


A deep chocolate brown can look classic. The best pair for it is espresso wood which creates a warmer feel in the room. Also, if there’s some orange in the room, the espresso wood can help tone down its wild shades.

If you want an elegant look, go for a combination of chocolate, velvet and some warm gray contrast. This combination will certainly make your room have a boutique feeling. Then add this beautiful wall art, Baroque Poppies by Ives McColl, which can be found at Those elegant looking flowers in the picture will certainly make you love your space even more.

Emerald and Forest

Some nice off-black shades would be deep forest and emerald green. It can both look modern and traditional depending on the look that you want to achieve.

In bathrooms, vivid emerald can be the most wonderful option. In your shower room, it will feel cool and can create a moody space. Just make sure you maintain the clean and fresh effect of the room.

Cool Gray

Cool gray be used in any room. The best combination you can have with it is aqua or lavender. Just imagine the freshness and coolness that it can create. Just like the effect that navy blue can create, only that cool gray has lesser undertones and with a cleaner look.