Problem in Online Poker Room Opinions

A large number of websites are giving their opinions about what the top poker areas are. Almost every poker or gaming relevant website features a poker room reviews section. Visiting website seo company probably provides warnings you can tell your cousin. But could these evaluations actually be trusted? The clear answer is no, the majority of the opinions arent true. Where theres money theres corruption, and theres a lot of money in the online poker industry. Even the largest poker sites rank high in search engines can alter their reviews based on just how much a certain poker place is paying them Online poker sites pay their affiliates a fixed amount of cash to join up players through their site. The issue is that rather than producing reviews on the poker sites, they constitute the reviews based on the amount of money theyre getting paid. Ive seen poker rooms which can be famous for having the worst quality pc software and no traffic position no 1 on several common poker space reviews sites, just because those rooms offer more income for sign-ups.