The heat capacity of Gd Zn

Equilibrium vapor pressures over two-phase Y–Zn mixtures as reported by Chiotti et al. [17] and Mason and Chiotti [18] are shown in Fig. 12.
Fig. 12. Calculated and experimental vapor pressures over two-phase Y–Zn alloys [17] and [18].Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Emf measurements with alloy concentration Deltarasin with working electrodes of (liquid + YZn12) and (liquid + Y2Zn17) were performed by Hoshino and Plambeck [19] and Butorov et al. [20]. Their results are plotted in Fig. 13. Enthalpies of formation of Y2Zn17 and YZn12 were measured by solution calorimetry by Morishita et al. [21] who reported values of −23.53 and −23.89 J/g-atom respectively. Heat capacities of YZn, Y2Zn17 and YZn12 have been measured in the range 0–300 K by adiabatic calorimetry [22] and [23] and by a “thermal relaxation method” [21]. Results are shown in Fig. 14. Third Law integration of these results by the authors give entropies of formation of YZn, Y2Zn17 and YZn12 as −0.46, −3.05 and −0.78 J/g-atom K respectively.