A mixed response of heavy metals concentration in sediment

Heavy metal concentration in water is given in Table 3. Analogous to the findings in suspended matter, concentrations of most of the heavy metals were also relatively higher in stations with low salinity (particularly in RM and RI) compared to the high salinity and reference (CS) stations. Typically Al, Cd, Cr, Mn, Pb and Zn concentrations in the water were highest at the river BQ-123 and upper stream areas such as RM and RI. However, Ag concentration showed the highest value (0.030 μg/L) in PA, while most of estuarine locations and river mouths in upper Vitória Bay were below detectable limit. Likewise, concentrations of chlamydia Ni, Co and Fe in water were higher along Espírito Santo Bay ranging for Ni from 1.04 μg/L in RS to 4.53 μg/L in FS, for Co from 0.30 μg/L in RS to 1.10 μg/L in IF, and for Fe from 301.58 μg/L in RS to 874.42 μg/L in CP respectively. Cu concentration in water ranged from 3.11 μg/L in RI to 12.25 μg/L in FS, and was similar to As levels, which ranged from 2.46 μg/L in RI to 10.34 μg/L in CP, followed by 10.28 μg/L in FS.