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3.3. Application to real samples
Measured concentrations (dissolved + particulates, pg L− 1) of the target legacy POPs and EOCs in seawater at the four sampling locations, Johor Strait (S1), Jurong Island (S2), East Coast (S3) and Pasir Ris (S4), Calhex 231 summarized in Table 4 and shown graphically in Fig. 2. Detectable compounds included several PCB congeners, OCPs, chlorobenzenes, synthetic musks and halogenated flame retardants, as well as methyl triclosan. In general, concentrations (pg L− 1) of legacy POPs and EOCs were higher in the dissolved phase compared with those in the particulate phase (Table 4). These relatively low concentrations observed in particulate phase in the present study may be due to the fact that these hydrophobic organic compounds were more associated with smaller size particles (< 1 μm), which were not captured in our filtration step.
Table 4.
Fig. 2. Plots showing total concentrations (dissolved + particulate phase, pg L− 1) of hydrophobic organic contaminants in seawater samples from four coastal sampling locations around Singapore.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide