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While CSG groundwater PLX647 often brackish, salinization of groundwater can be a natural process associated with evapotranspiration and hydrochemical evolution, or prothallus may be exacerbated by clearing of native vegetation, irrigation or water extraction (Dixon and Chiswell, 1994, Helena et al., 1999, Zhou et al., 2006, Lorite-Herrera and JimĂ©nez-Espinosa, 2007, Str?po? et al., 2008, Chae et al., 2009, Choi et al., 2010, Kinnon et al., 2010, Hamawand et al., 2013 and Owen et al., 2015). This complexity makes the identification of both CSG–aquifer connectivity indicators and the delineation of hydrochemical evolutionary pathways and water sources problematic, particularly when investigating alluvial aquifers that are often influenced by both in situ processes and interaction with surrounding aquifers.