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Table 6.
Number of water samples for each geological feature, and the median values for alluvial water samples per, Cluster B subclusters. Residual alkalinity = (HCO3 + CO3) − (Ca + Mg). All major Talampanel(LY300164) ratios and residual alkalinity calculated from meq/L.B1B2B3B4B5B6Number of samples from each geological feature per subclusterAlluvium26162127992013MRV (basalts)75642100Kumbarilla Beds000000WCM5612210CSG (WCM)000000Marburg Subgroup010512180Median values for alluvial samples per subclusterEC μS/cm2705189524003890397513,300pH7. mmol0.680.600.500.520.300.58Na/Cl0.470.851.290.881.000.75HCO3 + CO3/Cl0.240.630.550.250.210.06Na + K/Ca + Mg0.641. + CO32.191.312.053.314.4412.14Residual alkalinity− 10.60− 1.972.44− 5.39− 1.59− 43.71Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV