Wigs fad

Sch? Nes brazilian front lace wig sometimes rely on these indispensable wigs Oh! A premonition that they lead to a pandemic of you, you should collect, oh! brazilian remy hair is great!

It looks neat, sporty tail he became known as sexy!

The ears are the key gives the impression of a crisp!

Neat fake ponytail exposed contours of the face around the ears is beautiful rfer, but also able to build better able elegance.


Looking Back

Liu Qi with sch? Nen maid turned eye-catching!

Light and moist air with more emphasis on the effect of the eye! So love brazilian virgin hair body wave.

Show sweetheart sweet girl Pony false Qi Liu wig, bangs can be trimmed to the top of the eye, but also to create the effect of small face.