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The healthiest options on fast food menus

New study finds 34 percent of kids eat fast food every day

21 reasons youll live longer than your friends

When we're young, we all believe we're going to live forever. But as we age, most of us realize that's not the case. What's more, it becomes clear that the choices we make can...

Rest ink peace: Nonprofit preserves deceased members tattoos

Talk to anyone whos gotten a tattoo, and chances are theyll say their ink is a meaningful work of art.

Researchers create protein patch that may reverse muscle damage from heart attack

During a heart attack, cardiac muscle cells die due to a lack of blood flow, but researchers at Stanford University have identified a protein that can be administered via a...

178,000 childrens water bottles recalled due to choking hazard

A childrens water bottle sold exclusively at Target is being recalled after reports of potential choking hazards from the lid portion of the product. About 178,000 Zak Designs...

Can you get rid of HPV?

Q&A with Dr. Manny: My OB-GYN recently told me I have HPV. Because I'm over the age limit for the vaccine, is there anything else I can do to help get rid of it?

Workplace bullying may increase risk of suicidal thoughts

Workers who are victims of bullying on the job may become more likely to contemplate suicide than people who don't experience a hostile office environment, a Norwegian study...

Your brain is older than your liver

It's well established that our most vital organ, the heart, doesn't necessarily age at the same rate as we dobased in part on lifestyle factors, some of us have...

Company recalls 11 dietary supplements due to elevated levels of lead and mercury

A New York company is voluntarily recalling 11 of its supplements after the products were found to contain elevated lead and mercury levels.

Novel plan to curb drug costs seeks candidates' attention

Consumer-friendly ratings of the benefits of new drugs. Limits on what patients pay. Requiring drug companies to disclose how much they actually spend on research.