Will she Lose her Baby? The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam rushes to the hospital

Liam rushed to the ER where Dr Meade filled him in on Steffys condition. She was found unconscious at the scene and that hasnt changed. There are no broken bones but shes banged up pretty bad with a concussion.

Liam went to sit with Steffy. He begged her to be ok, and then asked what she was doing riding her motorcycle. Liam quickly decided that didnt matter right now. All that mattered was that Steffy and the baby were ok.

Liam paused then turned to Dr. Meade you didnt say anything aboutis our baby ok? Liam asked. Dr Meade turned to look at a monitor then turned back to Liam looking uncomfortable

Is Steffy and Liams baby ok?

That is the $64,000 question on the bold and the beautiful fan boards and sites today, since the credits rolled without Dr Meade answering Liams question. Stay tuned for more.but let us know what you think in our poll!

Well, after keeping fans at bay for another day, Dr Meade answered Liam's question. The baby didn't make it and likely died instantly when Steffy took a hard impact on the road.

social media has been going crazy over this latest storyline twist on the Bold and the Beautiful. Liam and Steffy lost their baby and it looks like The Bold and the Beautiful may lose a few fans. Maybe even more than a few.....