Do Oughout Really Be Required A Motor Gps

In July 2008, California is enforcing its new Driving cell phone laws. There are two new laws being enforced. The first new law will prohibit anyone from using a hand held cell phones while driving. Hand-free phone devices will be allowed to adults 18 and older. The second new driving law prohibits drivers under age 18 to use hand held and hand free phone phone devices at all. With these two new laws being enforced Californians are going to have to be careful from getting a ticket. If you want to know how to avoid getting a ticket for talking on a hand held cell phone while driving then here are 5 ways you can.

New Jersey: Drivers in this state found guilty of using a hands free not only for texting - but also for talking or emailing -- are subject to a $100 fine for first-time offenses.

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Cell phones also are very handy tools. I carry mine with me everywhere. You can make and return calls while waiting for the kids and while driving. I have a hands free device for my phone as safety is always my first concern.

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