Introduction To SEO: What Is Search Engine Optimization?

However, what is Search Engine Optimization? While there is no final, fully comprehensible definition for 'SEO', the only way to get is to take a look at many definitions and try to merge them so that you can have the proper perspective.

Search Engine Optimization = abbreviation for 'Search Engine Optimization', the method of refining and adjusting a website and developing online attention for it, to be able to deliver targeted visitors and ensure high conversions.

When done precisely, SEO actions must:

- make search engines get the site;

- make the site; to search engines index

- ensure a top standing among SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for given keywords;

- obtain a high page rank;

- drive focused traffic;

- achieve high conversions among the site's visitors. I found out about commercial hp video by browsing Yahoo.

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