Lya Sorano

Writer / Internet Strategist / Certified Master Gardener Expert

Lya Sorano Quick Facts Lya Sorano is a writer, an Internet strategist and a certified Master Gardener. Her company, The Oliver/Sorano Group, Inc., provides its clients with marketing and PR support services.

Published in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, Lya Soranos topics have most often included international business, the role of women in the international business world and information technology. In recent years, gardening and writing have merged in columns for a variety of local newspapers, and her gardening blog, private clients, Sorano writes or edits web content, professional profiles, white papers, case studies and more.

At home around the world, her niche skill is to localize written communications.She may be contacted in the United States at (+1) 770-455-8088, or via her web site,