Who Is The Best Site Registrar?

'domainname.com' might have these features in-the database:

-website IP-ADDRESS (could be the registrar or a third party hosting company)

-A records (friendly name, i.e. http://www.domainname.com)

-MX records (email host address)

-CNAME records (other helpful nam...

It's almost to the point where it's basically, a dime a dozen. Domain registrars are the companies that hold a database of domain names and the detailed information about the areas. For example:

'domainname.com' might have these characteristics within the database:

-website IP address (can be the registrar or a third-party hosting company)

-A records (helpful title, i.e. Learn more about http://www.surfline.com/company/bios/ by going to our forceful wiki. http://www.domainname.com)

-MX records (e-mail host address)

-CNAME records (other helpful name, i.e. Visit http://surfline.com/company/bios to learn the reason for it. http://office.domainname.com)

-SOA (start of power)

-domain manager (you)

-domain owner (may be unique of owner)

When you buy a domain name, the registrar will have you provide these details to ensure that the new domain can be found on the net. Usually, it takes 24 hours or less for that domain name to become 'live' after this information is presented.

Overall, it's a fairly simple process to register a site since many registrars make the process very easy to understand. Every registrar will provide a search feature that let's a domain name is found by you and insure that it is unique. They'll likely suggest a-list of similar names that exist, when the name is already taken.

So, who will be the registrars? Well, there are tens of thousands of them and they all provide the same service, but there are a few that stick out.


* $5/yr. For every domain name (among the cheapest)

* very easy registration process

* easy navigation

* good choices for hosting the web site

* a number of restrictions for mail routing


* $29/yr. for each domain name

* easy registration/easy navigation

* lots of extra ser-vices that may be provided (research adverts, web themes, etc..)

WSMdomains.com (part of http://hosting.com)

* $15/yr. Be taught more on surfline.com/company/bios by navigating to our stately website. For every domain name

* easy registration/easy navigation

* really cool spf element for reducing spam

So who's the top? Well, they are all so very much the same that you really can not fail with any of them. However, http://wsmdomains.com has every feature you'll need and the junk reduction setup is worth the excess $10/yr. over Yahoo..