Voicemail Greeting Examples

People around us can need help at any time of the day. Many a time friends, family, boss, colleagues, relatives and acquaintances need to inform us of something important at odd hours. Some may know when to call you and some of them won't. In cases where you are not accessible, leaving a simple voicemail on your phone can ease their worry.

The voicemail function allows the caller to leave a message in case you are busy. It informs the caller of your status and assures that the message will be read.

For instance, good voicemail greetings at corporate firms create a pleasant impression on the caller's mind or a hilarious voicemail can make someone's day. Parents can be assured that an urgent message will be delivered once you get access to your phone.

As greeting messages should reflect your mood and your personality, they must be recorded with utmost care and with the right choice of words. Here are a few examples which you can make use of while recording your own greeting messages.

Professional Voicemail Greeting

Phone Greetings for Businesses

Voicemail Greetings for Friends

General Voicemail Greeting Ideas

Voicemail greetings for business have to be very clear, precise and to the point. Businessmen tend to avoid frivolous talks, so it is important that you stick to the basics. On the other hand, you can be funny or a little less formal while recording a voicemail for your friends and family. However, remember to adhere to voicemail etiquette while recording these greetings.

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