Concentration of Cs in plants

2.9. Statistical analysis
Statistical analysis was performed using the SAS (The SAS System of Windows 9.0) software program. The three experimental sites were considered as SU6656 factor when performing data analysis in order to determine the statistical differences between the sites. The data were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) to detect significant differences between study sites, PGPR treatments, and cruciferous vegetables. The general linear model (GLM) was constructed to generate a three-way ANOVA. The results of ANOVA for plant biomass, 137Cs concentration and 137Cs transfer factor are summarized in Table 1. Mean differences within a factor (i.e., the three study sites and four Brassica species) were compared using the least significant difference (LSD) test at p < 0.05. Differences between two PGPR treatments were tested using the Student\'s t-test at p < 0.05.
Table 1.
3. Results and discussion
3.1. Soil characteristics and their relationship with soil 137Cs activity