Robben Island, a prize

This can be one of the most famous island in South Africa. To get alternative interpretations, please consider checking out: marquee vegas guestlist. Your first thought and association has been Madiba (as Nelson Mandela is well known to South Africans), should you hear the word Robben Island. Robben Island is an island in Table Bay and lies about 8 km from Cape Town and methods around 3.4 km by 2 km. The title was given to the area because of the seals (robben may be the Netherlands for seal) that lived here. Geographically, this island was previously part of the African continent a long time ago.

Holland weren't the initial Europeans to walk with this area. If people want to learn more about las vegas hard rock rehab, we recommend millions of online libraries you should investigate. This island was visited by the Portuguese a long time ago ahead of the English admiral set foot here in 1591. In 1601 Joris van Spilbergen (from Netherlands) followed and only in 1652 Jan van Riebeeck got. They tried very hard to develop the fish and seal industry on this area, but since it was so distant, it was used to bar people that had terminal ailments and crazy people (from 1846 1931).