LED show marketplace: organization "enclosure" high enthusiasm

A modest rise as an chance to pitch LED show, LED show marketplace real fire up, not merely the traditional LED show enterprises smug, but in addition attracted several corporations vied for cross-border, like the classic DLP splicing enterprise Vtron , GQY, MMS, LCD corporations for example Philips, Samsung, are already actively involved within this field. Both businesses also because the outbreak of enthusiasm FN enthusiastically joined the LED display market place includes a new model of development - the important breakthrough organizations began to spend consideration, "enclosure" constructive.


Speaking relevant companies "enclosure" technique, probably the most prevalent suggests is usually to pick a specific location. In the joint building of photoelectric, for instance, it is going to focus on market development within the outside media market, defined as "Digital Outside Media Group," and whom carried out a series of acquisition integration (sharing has acquired the media, public relations YOUTOP , Eastar), and plans to obtain the advertising media market organizations, to go over the level of the transaction is expected to underlying assets of as much as 990 million yuan. So far, in the field of outside media, the joint construction of photovoltaic has achieved good final results, the publication of your very first half of 2015 overall performance report, the reporting period, public relations media enterprise income of 28,368.59 million, representing a rise of 288.74 over the exact same period final year % earnings development to turn out to be certainly one of the primary driving force.



Coincidentally, the identical essential breakthrough Lehman photoelectric active performer tactic. It'll target the areas of sports media, not simply with controlling shareholders Iron Man Li, Beijing Kai Hing capital cooperation established Beijing Leiman Kai Hing Sports Culture Fund, and intends securities referred to the original "Lehman photoelectric" changed to "Lei Man shares "in order to extra completely reflect the company's present implementation with the LED and sports dual principal industry development tactic. Good input the identical access to excellent leads to the first half 2015 sales of sports sources business grew 3.6294 million yuan.(vms)


As an additional example, newly listed Absen, hotel operations continued to force the display mode, and has accomplished initial results, the release with the first half of 2015 performance report, the reporting period signing the display 211, has signed a total of 150 hotels (of which, four-star and five-star hotels total 121), has signed a screen rental earnings received 1.285 million yuan.



Admittedly, from a single outdoor applications to today's both indoor and outdoor applications, LED show increasingly wide range of applications, and, for the reason that the core technology has develop into mature, if organizations opt for grabbed the beard eyebrows inside the market, unless there Guards strength, or only obliterate everyone. Today, LED show enterprises started to "enclosure" development, is undoubtedly the development mode from comprehensive to streamline the transition style, combined with popular sector applications and promotion, in order that enterprises can be marked in customized labels, a sturdy impetus towards the industry differentiation improvement of.


From the regular outdoor LED display to a small pitch LED show, LED show While technology has produced a breakthrough, but the level continues to be mainly in advertising and marketing promotion relying around the traditional model, and its ever-increasing market overlap DLP splicing screen, LCD screen splicing applications are currently in to the improvement model of both technologies and options, vendors of integrated services capability to become a essential industry competition. This suggests, LED display enterprises If you want to integrate the correct sense of large-screen show circle, we need to actively carry out corporate restructuring. LED show enterprise applications for the label of "enclosure" is undoubtedly a positive improvement to cater to this sector trends.


From the long-term improvement point of view, regardless of whether primarily based on their own improvement or around the sustained and wholesome development from the sector, LED show enterprises "enclosure" enthusiasm will only enhance, not decrease, as a result speeding up the whole market to "apply is king" era leap.