the SmallRig GH4 Cage is the Right Option for you

The GH4 is an incredible camera, but like all small bodied camera, it can be a real pain to use with accessories or even tripods. As Someone who reviews gear a lot I’ve seen some pretty amazing cages.
cageThe GH4 cage from SmallRig is one of the cheapest cage on the market. This is probably one of the best designed cages for the GH4, i can’t get over how simple and strong it is. If you are a tight budget and just want basic cage for your GH4, and the cage is very lightweight, this is the right option for you.
Rods an be adjusted in height and position around the camera. All camera connections, buttons, dials and the battery door remain fully accessible.SmallRig hotshoe pinch connects the camera into one solid piece with the cage.
You can also pick up one of many SmallRig top handles to make this a more usable cage.