TM10T3B-H Mitsubishi Thyristor Module

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TM10T3B-H is a Thyristor module known to boost the capacity of DC motor controls, as well as to eliminate some of the equipment’s unwanted issues. Manufactured by Mitsubishi, TM10T3B-H weighs a light weight of 0.29 lbs. and can generate power of up to 800V. It has a collector current amount of 20A.


TM10T3B-H is a medium power general use insulated module. It has 3 phase mix bridge, which allows the device to drive a 3 phase inverter using a single IC. The two standout features of Mitsubishi TM10T3B-H include high quality insulation and durable construction. Once your DC motor control is integrated with TM10T3B-H, expect it to transform into a much more superior device!


Cost-effectiveness, high efficiency, and reliability, are three benefits any user can gain from using TM10T3B-H. No need to buy a new DC motor control, just upgrade it using this outstanding Thyristor module.