Electric Log Splitters

Well, before getting into the details, I have to give you some background information to put everything in context. The best splitter for you really depends on your needs. But more on that later.

Electric Log Splitters and gas can take the hard work chopping logs for firewood or other purposes. But you may wonder if you actually need. You might wonder what is wrong with using an ax?

Splitting out to newspapers with an ax (or a sledge and wedge) is one of those tasks that is supposed to build character. And there is some truth to this; the reduction of a large pile of newspapers to stir with nothing more than an ax and sweat of your brow is rewarding. For teenagers, it can give a useful lesson on persistence and hard work.

But when you reach the age of thirty, you probably developed as much character as you'll get. At this point, it makes more sense to take care of your health.