Intelligent LED lighting products in the future

I think that intelligent lighting is an inevitable development direction for the future under the help of LED light manufacturer China, but at this initial stage, the marketing does not work as the traditional lamp mode. For LED lighting products, we need to do a comprehensive understanding.


We should make a particular depth of effective promotion of consumer groups, in order to point the pilot, such as Qin Jie intelligent lighting bulbs debuted in stores, as a lighting company, it understands the first customer orientation for the courage to accept new life things, like high-tech, not price sensitive control experience requires more than the actual lighting functions crowd. This is the situation of China 18W 1200mm T8 LED tube light now. Meanwhile in the stability and reliability of product design requires repeated authentication, increase publicity in order to reduce concerns of consumers purchasing risk. Core intelligent lighting products is intelligent sensors and on-demand lighting, dimming discoloration only functional changes rather than intelligent lighting, complicated operation by no means intelligent lighting, "people-oriented" is the core.


For high quality modern LED ceiling light, it faces the same situation for suppliers and customers. Under this situation, we should take the tips for the selling of this kind of LED light.