Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment For Eye Vision Improvement

In ayurveda, defective eyesight is something referred to as 'Drishti dosha'. Experts practicing in this alternative medicinal field are of the opinion that alochaka pitta is responsible for maintaining healthy vision in humans and this will weaken naturally with age. They also recommend that providing proper care to the eyes is one of the preventive measures that can help. But, those who cannot take preventive action can rely on herbal treatment for eye vision improvement.

What causes defective eyesight?

1. It is stated that nervous debility and prolonged constipation are important factors contributing towards Drishti Dosha.

2. Even, common cold can lead to defects in eyesight.

3. Other factors contributing towards this issue are caffeinated drinks, alcohol intake, excessive smoking, stress and diabetes.

How ayurvedic diet can improve vision?

When taking herbal treatment for eye vision improvement in addition to getting the benefits from such a treatment called as I-Lite capsules, ayurveda recommends the following healthy changes in the diet to improve vision:

1. Consumption of good amount of grapes and apples can help

2. Carrot as most of us know is a rich source of vitamin A and so it can naturally improve vision

3. Cucumber extract can reduce tiredness in the eyes instantly

4. Including spinach in diet can help as it can purify blood, can improve blood count and of course eyesight

5. Other foods that are rich in vitamin A include dates, oranges, green peas, soya beans, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, butter, cheese, fresh milk and turnip

6. Almond can naturally improve vision as it can strengthen the vision and can also calm down the mental stress

7. Cardamom seeds can be mixed with a spoon of honey and can be consumed daily for improving vision

8. Blueberry juice consumption can also help in improving vision naturally.

Herbal treatment: As mentioned earlier, I-Lite capsules can provide excellent herbal treatment for eye vision improvement. This is possible because these capsules have healthy ingredients that are being recommended for long by herbalists for healthy eyesight. Here are the details about some ingredients in these capsules:

Licorice: With its botanical name as glycyrrhiza glabra and other name as yashtimadhu, is known for its excellent healing properties. Here are the reasons why it forms an important part in the herbal treatment for eye vision improvement:

1. It can provide relief to many issues like stomach infections, heartburn, ulcers, inflammation and it will also help with digestive issues.

2. It can also address cough, throat and liver problems and asthma, which can all weaken eyesight.

3. It can address certain skin problems and can fight against cholesterol as well.

Shatavari: Asparagus racemosus as it is called scientifically, this ingredient is mainly known for its reproductive health benefits. But, why it is added to I-Lite capsules?

1. Mainly because of its healing properties

2. It is a rejuvenating herb as well

3. It's neuro-protective properties also made it a part of these capsules

4. As it is a laxative herb, it can relieve constipation, which is an important contributor for poor eyesight problem.

So, ayurveda has many other herbs to naturally bring about an improvement in vision and so many other ingredients form part of I-Lite capsules.

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