12 things about Costco that may surprise you - Page 2

Photo, file: AP/Paul Sakuma

Costco sells 60 million rotisserie chickens every year at $4.99 each. They are not a moneymaker for the company. In fact, poultry costs have skyrocketed over the last couple of years and "there's very little margin on it right now," chief financial officer Richard Galanti said last year.

Yet Costco continues to keep the price at $4.99. Why? Because those chickens are a big draw for customers searching for a quick dinner. The chickens are widely praised, and they even have their own Facebook page.

"You can't really beat the convenience of the Costco chickens when you're already there loading up on Charmin and gigantic blocks of Cheddar," wrote one commenter on Chowhound. "Economical as hell, which is no small consideration in this day and age."


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